Demographic Changes and Socio-Territorial Vulnerabilities

Work in this research theme is concerned with the analysis and presentation of spatial patterns of demographic structures; identifying vulnerable social groups correlated with integration strategies issuing to reduce inequities and inequalities regarding access to resources and services. Demographic aging, external migration, analysis of vulnerabilities and social risks are the main topics of interest

Themes co-responsible: Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae, Gabriel Simion, Mihaela Preda, Elena Bogan, Ana-Maria Talos, Alina Mareci.

Research Themes:

  • Changing Demographics Structures and Socio-territorial Vulnerabilities: Mariana Nae, Liliana Dumitrache.
  • Regional Demographic Changes since the Communism Collapse in Romania: Mihaela Preda, Alina Mareci, Elena Bogan, Ana-Maria Talos.
  • Social, Economic and Cultural Changes in Rural Areas: Elena Bogan.
  • Climate Changes and Spatial Vulnerabilities of Romanian Rural Communities: Gabriel Simion.

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