Dr. Mariana Nae

Dr. Mariana Nae is a human geographer with scientific interest on social and cultural geography. Her research activity is focused on urban quality of life changes, post-socialist urban restructuring and cultural regeneration.

She participated as a research member in international projects on the issue of international skilled migration (L’émigration féminine hautement qualifiée dans le secteur de santé roumain et bulgare vers la France : enjeux, défis et perspectives futures), project funded by AUF; in national projects with different themes, related to the areas and sub-domains of the quality of life: urban living and quality of housing (Ministry of Regional Development, Housing and Equipment), memory, tradition and cultural identity (Memory, traditions and cultural identities (RECONNEX), geography of health and health care services (Geographical assessment of health and health care services in post-communist Romania, Geographical distribution of diseases and identification of potential risks factors in post-communist Romania). She is also involved in research projects that aimed at developing the skills and training of human resources by developing strategies for smart cities and proposing methodological and didactic tools for spatial planning.

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