Tourism and Hospitality Industry – challenges and strategies

To understand, analyse and inform on core aspects regarding tourist and hospitality industry set the scope of this theme; dynamics of destination markets, strategies and policies of destination regenerations, new forms and types of tourism, development trends and patterns linked with destinations identity are mainly concerned.

Themes co-responsible: Daniela Dumbraveanu, Aurel Gheorghilas, Ana-Irina Lequeux-Dincă, Anca Tudoricu, Mihaela Oglindoiu, Ana Roanghes,

  • The Role of Identity Elements, Tourist Interpretation and Event Industry to Create Attractions and Tourist Destination and to Develop Tourist Brands: Daniela Dumbrăveanu.
  • Past, Collective Memory, Niche Tourism and New Destination Development within the Context of Either Classical of On-Line Advertising: Daniela Dumbrăveanu.
  • Cultural Tourism & Ecotourism in Mehedinti County: Oglindoiu Amalia Mihaela. 
  • Tourist Potential and Infrastructure of the Romanian Spa Resorts: Roangheș Ana, Oglindoiu Mihaela.
  • Senior Tourism as Part of the Smart Economy designed to Encourage Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe: Ana-Irina Lequeux-Dincă.
  • Aspects regarding Romanian Post-Communist Tourism: Strategies, Products, Perception and Consumism : Ana Irina Lequeux Dincă.
  • Paradigms of Heritage Use Through Cultural Events: Anca Tudoricu.
  • On Line Tourist Services and Their Strength to Develop New Consumist Behaviour for Consumers: Daniela Dumbraveanu, Anca Tudoricu.
  • Religious Tourism Potential Evaluation: Aurel Gheorghilaș.
  • Historic and Cultural Heritage: the Importance of Tourist Interpretation to Identify New Destinatios with Taylored Identities: Daniela Dumbraveanu, Aurel Gheorghilaș,  Anca Tudoricu.

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